Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Learn about the new Kawasaki H2R Ninja

The new Kawasaki H2R Ninja motorcycle is the first of its kind and will rewrite the rulebook on 2-wheeled acceleration as we know it. What we know today is that the first version of this bike produces around 300-bph…yes, we just typed, 300 H.P.! This version was built specifically to show the world what was possible to achieve using the collective minds of KHI Heavy Industries.

Kawasaki H2R Ninja

The supercharger was built in-house by Kawasaki and pushes additional air volume through a 998cc in-line four-cylinder engine that would otherwise be pretty familiar to anyone who understands modern high performance motorcycle engines. This bike (although not legal for Superbike Racing) rolls out on slicks and is track ready. Kawasaki doesn’t care if it’s not legal in sanctioned racing, they’re making a statement here and its a BOLD one!

Kawasaki H2R Frame

We will likely have to wait a few months for the street (production) version of the H2R but it should be well worth the wait. It will likely be de-tuned for the street but acceleration should still be off the hook and we’re sure the aftermarket companies will have a field day with the electronic and supercharger settings…

Kawasaki H2R Supercharger

To be continued!

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5-Fall Riding Tips

Top 5 Fall riding tips for motorcyclist

  1. Make sure your tires are not worn and inflated properly. A badly worn and under inflated tire will hydroplane much worse than a properly inflated newer tire. We all know how much it can rain here in the Northwest so the last thing you need to worry about is your equipment.
  2. Dress appropriately, make sure to layer your riding gear starting with a comfortable base layer and adding mid-layers as need to stay warm and dry. We recommend a GoreTex outer layer for breathability and staying dry while riding in any condition. Don’t forget to wear a full face helmet with a Rain-X treated shield to help water disperse off the shield for clearer vision.
  3. Leave more room between you and other cars in front of you. This will allow you to have some extra time should you need to suddenly slow down or stop. Also remember to turn slower at less lean angles while weighting the outside foot peg. This will keep the tire hooked up better in slippery conditions.
  4. Watch out for patches of fallen leaves. Wet leaves can be very slippery causing the front wheel to wash out from underneath you. Instead, slow down and ride over leaves at right angles in an upright position much like you would railroad tracks.
  5. Watch out for animals, especially deer. Fall is hunting season and deer are on the move so be on the look-out when traveling back roads. These animals can also show up inside city limits if they get hungry enough so don’t be surprised to see them when your almost home!

Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips


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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, SD.

If you have not yet attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota, you owe it to yourself to pack up your bike, truck, motorhome or what ever mode of transportation gets you and your motorcycle there to attend. Naturally, we think you should pack up and ride there, it will be an experience you will not soon forget. How cool would it be to ride a brand new Indian Motorcycle back to Sturgis?

Sturgis is unlike any other rally in the country because the rally basically takes over the entire town of Sturgis for two weeks in August. Merchants lease their stores to motorcycle apparel companies, t-shirt vendors and motorcycle accessory companies. There are manufacturer displays, demo trucks, new product unveils, and every brand, year and model motorcycle produced. It’s like a running motorcycle museum.

The Sturgis motorcycle rally started with a motorcycle club putting on racing events back in 1938 organized by the Jackpine Gypsies. Clarence “Pappy” Hoe purchased an Indian Motorcycle dealership in 1936 and formed the Gypsies club. My guess is that There will be a new Indian dealership in Sturgis for 2014 along with a huge product reveal during the first week of this years rally, stay tuned…

Ok, here’s several reasons you need to attend this rally if you have never been there;

  • Bikes, Bikes, Bikes, every brand, year, make and model.
  • Chicks and Shirtless Studs (for our women riders :-)
  • Racing
  • Campground Shenanigans
  • Black Hills, monuments and serpentine roads
  •  Concerts, top talent
  • Camaraderie

This is the one place on earth where everyone gets along, as long as you’re on two wheels your part of the family. Everyone in attendance understands going in that this event draws people from all demographics, doctors, lawyers, teachers and construction workers, it doesn’t matter. When you put on that leather jacket and helmet nothing else matters, you enter the world of brotherhood, Sturgis…what are you waiting for?


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Motoplex Treasure Hunt

Find the $200.00 Gift Card

*Text “treasure” to “95577” to receive a clue about the buried treasure inside Motoplex.

Treasure Hunt

Each week, someone (we’re not sating who) will hide a $200.00 gift certificate somewhere in the store. To get clues to find the treasure, text the word “treasure” to “95577” and a clue will be delivered directly to your mobile device. If nobody finds the treasure the first week, it will be moved and a new clue will be sent the following week to your mobile device. The person who locates the $200.00 gift card will be featured in our next newsletter and posted to our wall on Facebook…Let the Fun Begin!

*Participants must be 18-years or older to participate, coupon cannot be used for service or labor and cannot be used as additional discount on new or used unit purchases. Coupon cannot be redeemed for cash and must be used for Parts, Accessories and Apparel at Lynnwood Motoplex in Lynnwood WA.


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Motorcycle Events, Clubs and Organizations

Find Motorcycle related Events and Groups

Ok, you have a motorcycle, now you just need to find out what is going on and where so you can join in on all the action. Sometimes joining a motorcycle group can sound “Gang” like but there can be many benefits to doing so.

I think it goes without saying that if you own a Victory Motorcycle you may want to join the Victory Motorcycle Club (VMC) or Indian Motorcycles would join the IMRG so on. You should have a lot in common with other Victory owners outside of just “the bike”, like, riding style, similar age group etc. You can also join clubs by “type” like Sportbikes, Touring or Adventure riders. Clubs are a great way to bond with other riders and stay abreast of local events, charity rides, industry issues and more. Here is a great resource called, check it out!

Motorcycle Rider Clubs

If you’re not interested in joining a group, there are still ways to find events, best motorcycle roads and motorcycle friendly watering holes. If you are reading this you’ve obviously found the internet but it is our job to make your life easier by posting some of our favorite links for finding the above mentioned points of interest.

Motorcycle Events Links

Motorcycle Roads

Motorcycle Roads

Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants and Pubs

So there you have it, you’re only alone if you want to Be!



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Greatest Biker Song

Greatest biker song of all time!

What is your favorite biker song of all time? Wow, talk about an open-ended question…

Lets just analyze that for a minute shall we. Does it mean the first song you connected to when you got your first motorcycle and started hanging out with other bikers?, was it during a period of learning to ride as a kid on a dirt bike or taking a girlfriend for a ride and feeling someone hold on tight for the first time?

Truth is, there probably isn’t a “greatest of all time”  that everyone can agree on, or is there? Lets ask Google…

Google, “what is the greatest biker song of all time?” “Enter”


About 7,870,000 results (0.41 seconds)

  • Devils Lullaby – YouTube

    Jun 10, 2010 – Uploaded by BoogabooMusic

    song I wrote as a tribute to the motorcycle lifestyle. … If ya everwant something done well, check him out …

  • Biker SongsMotorcycle Music, Biker Rock, Motorcycling

    Welcome to Bruce’s Biker Rock 100, an online jukebox serving up 100 of the alltime greatest classic rock biker tunes, highway hits and motorcycle songs!

  • 10 Best Motorcycle Songs |

    Feb 21, 2010 – It was a list of the 10 best Motorcycle Songs ever. It was second to Steppenwolf! I really think you will enjoy it! I am sooo excited that more and …

  • I Never Finish Anyth…: Top 100 Motorcycle Road Tunes

    Jan 4, 2012 – Best Biker Song Ever Written: Devil’s Lullaby 94. Unknown Legend: Neil Young 95. New Sensations: Lou Reed 96. Too Old to Rock and Roll, …

  • List of Best Biker Songs – Motorcycle Songs | LeatherUp Blog

    Apr 5, 2010 – Two songs are the most frequently cited on online forums and articles as the most favorite or best biker songs ever—Born to Be Wild performed …

    So above are the top-5 search results for the phrase “Greatest Biker Song of all Time”. As you can see, Google likes the search term “Songs” much better, even though the #1 result on the list was for a YouTube video of the song “Devils Lullaby”. Why is this? Is it because more people have clicked on this song, is it because it has over 3-million views and 8800 likes? Maybe, but does this mean that the masses see this as the greatest biker song of all time? We’ve never heard of this song before, you?

    These questions are just part of an elaborate algorithm common in todays search engine society. It may just have all the key ingredients the search engines are looking for. It may have all the correct keywords, description, alt tags, social sharing clout, total views, likes and user comments to name a few. Is this what it has come to?

    If you’re searching on your computer for the greatest biker song, this is what you get, if your out riding and walk into the local pub, pull up a chair and order a cold one what do you think you’ll hear? Chances are, the greatest biker song of all time!

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How To Wakesurf

Learn how to wakesurf

In this “how to” series we are going to provide some guidance for those wanting to learn the art of waksurfing. This tutorial is largely geared for kids but the same principles apply for adults.


For wakesurfers, you want to be right at, or possibly just behind, where the wake is curling over. If you’re too far in front of the curl, you’re in front of the sweet spot. If you’re at, or slightly behind, the curl, you can easily shift your weight forward or even pull yourself forward into the sweet spot. You should buy a surf-specific rope that will give you about 15 feet of length to work with, although you’ll likely only need about 10 feet. Follow the link here to continue reading

Here is a great video tutorial demonstrating how to teach a small child.


We sell Tige boats here at Lynnwood Motoplex because we feel the brand offers the best possible wake for riders of all ages. Here is another article direct from the Tige blog to help you with your wakesurf set-up.

Below is a great print article from that covers everything from board choice, boat selection, proper weighting and driving the boat. Wakesurfing is becoming a common sport that is fun for all ages and if you haven’t tried it you’re really missing out on some fun. We call it the endless wave!

Learn How To Wake Surf

We will have you wake surfing in no time! Wakesurfing is one of the most exciting new water sports. Since a boat can provide you an endless wave on which to practice and hone your skills, wakesurfing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular board sports for inboard owners around the globe. No longer is surfing relegated to only coastal areas. Wake surfing has unlocked a new water sport for anyone with access to water and an inboard boat. Continue reading

We hope this collection of “How to” tutorials helps you get up to speed in no time when the sun shines and boating season calls your name.

Enjoy, Motoplex

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