KTM to Add Fuel Injection to 2-Strokes

Yesterday, KTM announced that they will add fuel injection to the 2018 250 and 300 EXC models. The 300 will be available in Europe early summer 2017 and the 250 will be available in the states late fall 2017.

You can download the latest issue of Enduro Illustrated which has details about the new fuel injection system below.


Enduro illustrated16

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2016 Seattle Boat Show

Planning on visiting us at the Seattle boat show this year? Our boat show booth space has changed and wanted to let you know that we will now be in booth W-67 in the West Hall starting January 29th and running through though February 6th, shocasing some of the latest & greatest including Yamaha’s 2016 Boats! Hope to see you here!




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$1,000.00 BMW Accessories Promotion

Please contact us at 425-774-0505 and speak to a salesperson about this limited time offer! Or, you can contact us here.

BMW Promotion

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BMW Showroom is Ready!

Hello everyone, we are excited to share the final picture of our showroom update for our BMW Motorcycle Display. Hopefully we will have bikes by end of March! Keep you posted!

BMW Showroom

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BMW Showroom Update

Coming Soon, BMW Motorcycles!

Here is a quick update along with some pictures of what’s happening with the BMW Motorcycle display at Motoplex. Currently we are still waiting on the city of Lynnwood to issue our permit so we can complete the showroom. As you can see from the pictures below, we have removed the flooring where the display will be and it takes up a great portion of the current showroom. We’ll keep you updated here throughout the process!

BMW Motorcycle Showroom IMG_1932 IMG_1933

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Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Learn about the new Kawasaki H2R Ninja

The new Kawasaki H2R Ninja motorcycle is the first of its kind and will rewrite the rulebook on 2-wheeled acceleration as we know it. What we know today is that the first version of this bike produces around 300-bph…yes, we just typed, 300 H.P.! This version was built specifically to show the world what was possible to achieve using the collective minds of KHI Heavy Industries.

Kawasaki H2R Ninja

The supercharger was built in-house by Kawasaki and pushes additional air volume through a 998cc in-line four-cylinder engine that would otherwise be pretty familiar to anyone who understands modern high performance motorcycle engines. This bike (although not legal for Superbike Racing) rolls out on slicks and is track ready. Kawasaki doesn’t care if it’s not legal in sanctioned racing, they’re making a statement here and its a BOLD one!

Kawasaki H2R Frame

We will likely have to wait a few months for the street (production) version of the H2R but it should be well worth the wait. It will likely be de-tuned for the street but acceleration should still be off the hook and we’re sure the aftermarket companies will have a field day with the electronic and supercharger settings…

Kawasaki H2R Supercharger

To be continued!

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5-Fall Riding Tips

Top 5 Fall riding tips for motorcyclist

  1. Make sure your tires are not worn and inflated properly. A badly worn and under inflated tire will hydroplane much worse than a properly inflated newer tire. We all know how much it can rain here in the Northwest so the last thing you need to worry about is your equipment.
  2. Dress appropriately, make sure to layer your riding gear starting with a comfortable base layer and adding mid-layers as need to stay warm and dry. We recommend a GoreTex outer layer for breathability and staying dry while riding in any condition. Don’t forget to wear a full face helmet with a Rain-X treated shield to help water disperse off the shield for clearer vision.
  3. Leave more room between you and other cars in front of you. This will allow you to have some extra time should you need to suddenly slow down or stop. Also remember to turn slower at less lean angles while weighting the outside foot peg. This will keep the tire hooked up better in slippery conditions.
  4. Watch out for patches of fallen leaves. Wet leaves can be very slippery causing the front wheel to wash out from underneath you. Instead, slow down and ride over leaves at right angles in an upright position much like you would railroad tracks.
  5. Watch out for animals, especially deer. Fall is hunting season and deer are on the move so be on the look-out when traveling back roads. These animals can also show up inside city limits if they get hungry enough so don’t be surprised to see them when your almost home!

Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips


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